About Primatography

Primatography is a photography organization that currently focuses on documentary photography approaches to tell the stories of injured, endangered or orphaned animals.

The photographer, Sam Trull, who is also a primatologist and wildlife rehabilitator, moved to Costa Rica in 2013 to work with KSTR (Kids Saving The Rainforest). KSTR is a rainforest conservation and wildlife rescue organization located on a beautiful property in the rainforest near Manual Antonio National Park on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. As the KSTR Wildlife Manager, Sam is responsible for the day-to-day care and rehabilitaion of the rescue center animals. Check out the "Sloth", "Primates" and "Other Wildlife" galleries for pics of those animals.  

"I am a primatologist and a photographer, just trying to make a difference in the world...one animal at a time, one picture at a time."~Sam

We love to raise awareness and hear from fellow animal lovers and conservation enthusiasts, so feel free to contact us here or leave comments on our facebook page.

In the past, Primatography also offered a range of services, including baby photographyweddingskids, and photography of other significant celebrations like bridal showers and engagement parties. Some of Sam's previous work can be seen in the "Lifestyle" gallery.


The name Primatography pays homage to Sam's long-time passion for primates and her talent for taking great pictures. 

  • For 12 years, Sam cared for and studied primates at the world-renowned Duke Lemur Center in her hometown of Durham, NC, USA. 
  • She also travelled extensively through West Africa, Central America, and Madagascar, and Costa Rica volunteering at primate rehabilitation centers, teaching college students about primate conservation, and advocating for the protection of indigenous biodiversity.
  • Through the countless hours spent studying and photographing captive primates as well as the numerous miles tracking and photographing unpredictable and elusive primates in the wild, Sam has developed well-honed photographic instincts that allow her to anticipate and beautifully capture those fleeting moments in life. 
  • Her passion for using documentary photography to capture the essence of a story inspired both her studies at the Duke Center for Documentary Studies as well as her foray into photojournalism, having photos appearing in top North Carolina publications including Our State Magazine and the INDY newspaper.


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